Is it painful?

In a nutshell, no! I use a variety of techniques to ensure that the procedure is so pain free that you might just fall asleep (happens very regularly ha-ha!) After the procedure, you will feel mildly sunburned around the area that evening. Eyeliner can sometimes swell or cause a tiny bruise – but eyebrows are the easiest by far.

I want natural looking brows – how do I know they won’t be too dark?

When booking eyebrows – you will notice that you have two appointments. The first one, we draw on your eyebrows before we start to make sure that you like the shape. When it comes to selecting colour and thickness, we are always conservative on the first session. That way no one has brow regret! When you come back to see me, we can always make them darker or fuller, but I can’t take away, so we start off nice and gentle to get you used to them.

How do I look after my brows?

We will give you full aftercare instructions, and a special healing balm to take away with you. You must avoid swimming, excessive sweating, picking or pulling at the scab and any facials for a full 7 days (or until the scabs come away naturally).

I only want hairstroke brows

This completely depends on your skin type. For example, people who have excessively oily skin, are often not suitable for a hairstroke brow. The pictures that you see on Instagram and the internet is often straight after and not a true reflection of how they will heal. Often a soft powdered brow looks better than hairstrokes that have healed. If in doubt, book a consultation for us to have a look and check your suitability.

What’s the difference between microblading and hairstroke eyebrows?

Microblading has become a bit of a buzz word in the media. It is an old technique that has recently had a bit of a revamp. It involves making lots if little slices in the skin, and then ink is deposited into them. It is a beautiful technique when done correctly, however is it the most skin depended technique that is out there. If you have too much oil, red skin, sensitive skin, skin conditions, fragile skin, you name it – the results are often not what you would expect. Most people we see that are unhappy with the brow result have had microblading elsewhere. And most training that we offer is to technicians who currently microblade and wish to learn the art of machine so that they can offer a full range of services to clients, as the technicians themselves are often disappointed with the results.

What kind of things make me unsuitable to have this done?

Being pregnant or under 18 are our strict “no way” policies. There are some illnesses, medications and skin conditions that can be problematic – but we will be able to identify these at a consultation and make sure it is safe to proceed. If we are in doubt, we will always say no to keep you safe!

Can I bring someone with me?

We used to allow a friend to come with you (as long as they were over 18) but with the recent events of COVID-19 we must now insist that you attend the appointment alone. We have scheduled extra time inbetween clients to ensure a 1 in and 1 out policy. We must minimise the amount of people on the premises as much as possible for everyone’s safety.